What We Do

Aggressively and Tactically Defend America's Warriors

“They Prepare Like No Other, Persuade Like No Other, and—to the Frustration of the Government—Obtain Results Like No Other.”

UCMJ Trial Lawyers Defends Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Space Force Servicemembers at Court-Martial and Administrative Proceedings Worldwide. We Love What We Do, and We Care About the Servicemembers and Families We Defend. 


General, Special, and Summary Courts-Martial

Boards of Inquiry

Officer Separation Proceedings

Separation Boards

Enlisted Separation Proceedings

Letters of Reprimand

Rebuttals to Letters of Reprimand

Nonjudicial Punishment

Article 15s, Captain's Mast, and Office Hours


Command and Criminal Investigations
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